A.S. Chemical Laboratories - Blood Test

Prior to prescribing metal detoxification, it is critical to perform blood element analysis. Furthermore, during the detoxification process, such tests should be performed intermittingly to monitor the removal of toxic elements and determine the need to supplement the nutritional ones. First of all, Toxic metals can disrupt essential element metabolism and often negatively affect nutritional elements. Secondly, metal detoxification agents, such as EDTA, can cause dramatic loss of essential elements (e.g. Zn, Mg) through urinary wasting.

We offer tests on whole blood elements, serum elements, and also comprehensive blood elements (a combination of the first two tests). Whole blood test gives the total contents of elements circulating in extracellular fluids and in cells, and it is useful in assessing recent or ongoing exposure to toxic metals. On the other hand, some elements need to be measured in serum because they are carried by serum proteins or have important extracellular functions in blood. Therefore the combined whole blood and serum tests can provide a comprehensive evaluation of both essential and toxic elements.

Note: to avoid acute interference from a meal, it is recommendable to collect blood and serum samples after an overnight fast.