A.S. Chemical Laboratories - Organic Synthesis

Chemical synthesis is a critical component in the drug development process. However, the technical skills and the in-depth knowledge of synthetic chemistry required can often hamper the efficiency and effectiveness of the development team. A novel solution to such issues is outsourcing them to a specialist custom chemical manufacturing organization. This enhances the efficiency and reduces the cost while ensuring seamless and timely passage of the new drug compounds to the pipeline.

A.S. Chemical Laboratories Inc, with over 13 years of experience to meet the requirements from our valued customers in the pharmaceutical industry, nutraceutical, agricultural and academic institutions around the world, is a shinning star for high level problem-solving in chemical synthesis. Our highly skilled scientists have decades of experience in performing complex, multistep synthesis and solving extremely difficult challenges. Our innovative laboratory design, deep chemistry background, access to on-site literature search tools and in-house developed highly efficient synthetic protocols can bring you huge cost savings. With state of the art in-house analytical laboratory, we test our products against highest quality standard, and they are supplied timely to clients around the globe at very competitive prices.