A.S. Chemical Laboratories - Urine Test

Urine test has been an effective method used by doctors to detect acute severe exposure to toxic metals, as they appear in urine immediately after the exposure. However, the levels of essential elements in urine can also be used to evaluate patient’s intake and natural excretion. Moreover, the balance of nutritional elements can be disturbed by the presence of toxic metals.

Probably the most important application for urine test is to monitor the excretion of toxic and essential elements when a chelating agent is administered. The pre and post provocation tests determine whether the chelating agent effectively removes the toxic metals and how many essential elements are lost in the process.

To compensate the inevitable fluctuation of urine concentration, urine test results are reported as micrograms/gram of creatinine. Since the excretion of creatinine through urine is relative constant for a patient, such a normalization procedure eliminate deviation caused by urine concentration.

Sufficient information should be provided when samples are sent to the lab, e.g. collection period, total volume, provoked or unprovoked.